I look forward to working with new clients - contact me by email or phone if you think I may be able to help you, or fill in the enquiry form.

Current availability: within one month

Location: Fortrose, Ross-shire, Scotland, GB

Trading as: Web Business Services

Can I Help?

I design and build responsive websites with a mobile first approach, that adapt to the screen size of a wide range of devices. Sometimes I re-design existing sites, or rescue business owners who have specific website problems or are plain lost.

I endeavour to code to web standard best practices using modern HTML5 and CSS3 specifications. I also work with PHP, JavaScript and jQuery where necessary.

I’m often integrating code into popular content management systems including ExpressionEngine, Statamic, Jekyll and WordPress, which make it easier for a non-technical end user to add content. Despite this appearing to be a great advantage, this approach isn’t appropriate for all circumstances and sometimes less complex website solutions fit better.

Some of my recent projects have involved implemention of responsive re-designs for SellerDeck ecommerce websites, software I’ve used since it was Actinic Catalog in the early 2000s. If you’re looking for a custom responsive design for a SellerDeck 2016 website, I can probably help you.

I work remotely as standard, with communication via Skype and Remote Desktop (or equivalent software), telephone, email or online chat. Face-to-face meetings can be arranged where travel costs are covered. I offer all clients free access to a separate project in my Basecamp account, and recommend all work is channelled through there. I use GitHub for code sharing and version control.

I only make work agreements with the end client. If, for example, you’re a web designer looking for a bit of extra technical help here and there and want to keep your client contact private, I’m not going to be able to help - sorry! I’ve tried working through intermediaries before and it’s too problematic for all sides.

See a list of recent clients.

Shorter Projects or Introductory Sessions

  • investigate
  • analyse
  • problem-solve
  • test
  • advise
  • document

For new projects I can offer a discovery session to find out about your needs and investigate any current web-based setup that you may have. After this I’d be able to advise on what I could do for you going forward.

After discussion of the project, I can offer a fixed quote in advance for a well-defined scope of work.

Longer or Ongoing Projects

  • design
  • build
  • maintain
  • develop
  • train
  • support

For longer-term projects, a weekly rate for a ‘sprint’ of work towards an end goal is generally preferable. This would be iterative in nature, broadly following Agile software development principles.

I’d consider a monthly retainer basis for regular, well-defined work or consultation.

Depending on timescale and budget, these projects would normally be under a mutually-agreed contract, based on either your or my template.

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