Packt Publishing has a interesting option for online access to its publications, using a subscription service called PacktLib. Packt’s content is technical, and excellent if it suits your needs, with up-to-date coverage of technologies.


At the time of writing, the recurring subscription charge is managed via WorldPay in the form of FuturePay. On signing up to PacktLib, you receive a confirmation from WorldPay with your Agreement ID, Username and a promise of a password (which didn’t arrive separately in my case) to access your FuturePay subscription.

You can request a FuturePay admin password using the details you already have, to access your recurring payment details and cancel if necessary. There’s no option to pause.

To unsubscribe, Packt recommend you cancel the agreement with both themselves and WorldPay. Then to re-subscribe a new FuturePay agreement is set up…

I suppose a message to Packt Publishing is if you’d like customers to continue their subscription long-term, make it super easy for them to temporarily unsubscribe. The access is great but ideally we need to feel comfortable with managing our subscription during months when we’re busier with other things.

Treehouse does the subscription thing right.